Johnny Weir Doesn’t Watch Evan Lysacek on Dancing With the Stars


Picture this on the marquee at Madison Square Garden: “Johnny Weir presents: Lady Gaga and Elton John on Ice.” No, this vision did not come to us in a glitter-dusted dream. Weir himself revealed his master plan last night at the Cinema Society’s screening of Paper Man at the Crosby Street Hotel. “I’m trying to produce my own skating show … but more like a spectacular, with five or six of the best skaters that I love and Lady Gaga and Elton John performing,” he said. “How amazing would that be?!” We didn’t bother to answer that highly rhetorical question and instead pressed Johnny for important details, like when can we get tickets? “I want it at Madison Square Garden so we need sponsors,” he said. “As long as people get behind my idea, we’ll be able to visualize what I want and get that support.”

Wearing a sparkling black blazer (“YSL, from the sixties”), Weir told us he already has a fan in Elton, whom he met in his post-Olympic travels. “Meeting Elton John and having him say, ‘Oh my God, you were robbed,’ that’s the coolest thing in the world,” he said. Weir would tap the likes of Sasha Cohen and Yu-Na Kim for his skating extravaganza, but don’t look for an appearance by his gold-medal-winning rival, Evan Lysacek. “Evan is fine as a person. We’ve been competitors for years and years and years and that’s kinda the forefront to us being people to each other,” Weir said. “I think he worked very hard and he deserved that Olympic gold medal and he does a good job. He does his work. But as a person I don’t really know him that well and we’ve never really made the effort to be nice to each other.” But surely he must at least watch Lysacek on Dancing With the Stars? “No,” Weir said. “And I won’t.”

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