Karl Rove Assures a Skittish Nation Not to Be Afraid of the Census


Aware of a current mistrust of government meddling, especially from the right (thanks, Michelle Bachman!), the Census recruited Bush-era GOP hero Karl Rove to soothe a skittish populace. Rove says he agreed to participate “because the Census settles apportionment of Congress and the current distrust of Washington should not discourage people from being counted.” In a new PSA, Rove cites his reverence for American Census creator James Madison and notes that the ten questions that are asked are nearly the same as the ones Madison wrote. Hopefully it will work for those conservatives who still revere Rove, but we can only imagine what seeing Rove on television urging Americans to trust the Census will do to liberals. That’s sort of akin to Pennywise the clown trying to convince people to come to the circus.

Karl Rove appears in TV ad for Census [WP]