Kevin Parker Insists That Some State Senators Are ‘White Supremacists’


Brooklyn state senator Kevin Parker, for whom the term “hothead” is applied almost as unfailingly as “maverick” once was for John McCain, is not backing down from his latest outburst. Two days ago, during a two-minute tirade in response to a Republican senator’s allegedly unjustly harsh questioning of a black nominee for the Power Authority, Parker accused his colleagues of being “racist people.” Was this an off the-cuff blunder from which Parker would immediately backtrack? Nope!

Because the next morning, Parker said in a radio interview that the target of his ire, as well as other unnamed Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, were “white supremacists.” And then he repeated the accusation on his Facebook page. And to a New York Times reporter. And in an NY1 interview. And in a Capitol Tonight interview. Parker’s claim is based, he says, on an undeniable reality. He points out, for example, that a black person has never served on the Power Authority in its 70-year history. Unfortunately, Parker has ensured that his over-the-top antics will continue to overshadow any legitimate gripes about racial disparity he’s trying to address.