Larry King Files for Divorce, for the Eighth Time


Larry King and his wife of twelve years, Shawn Southwick, have filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” This will be Larry’s eighth divorce in 76 years, but we’re not judging. There’s still time! Maybe next time he’ll get it right.

Update: Oh, sorry. The “eighth divorce” part is not the weirdest and most Gothic aspect of the Larry King storyline. Sources tell TMZ that Southwick claims King cheated on her “with one of her close relatives.”

Update 2: Aaaaaaaaaaand the Daily News points us to a National Enquirer report from December that alleged King cheated on his wife with her younger sister Shannon Engemann. Goddamn, the Pulitzer committee really did that magazine wrong.

Larry King Files for Divorce #8 [TMZ]