Lloyd Blankfein Is No Quitter


Possibly under the errant assumption that yesterday's rumble in Washington had left the Goldman Sachs CEO in a weakened and vulnerable state, ABC News' Claire Shipman dared to ask Lloyd Blankfein a controversial question. Were there times, she asked — like now, for instance, with the stale Doritos breath of Carl Levin having formed a sticky layer of film across his face — that he ever wanted to throw in the towel, retire, go chop wood or fly-fish or just snuggle under a comforter with a few movies? Unsurprisingly, the answer was NEVER:

Shipman: I know this has been a grueling process for you in many ways — have you at all thought about resigning or stepping down? Has that ever crossed your mind?
Blankfein: No, it hasn't.

Interview over.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Speaks [ABC News]