Man Put on No-Fly List in Mid-Flight


From everything we’ve heard about the so-called “no-fly list,” which blocks people who are suspected of having terrorism connections (and some people with unfortunate name coincidences) from getting on commercial airline flights, it’s mostly just inconvenient while you’re at the airport. You know, because they don’t let you get on the actual plane. But a Gambian man had the unique experience of being added to the no-fly list yesterday while in the air, on his way from West Africa to New York City. The flight originated in Nigeria, and when it stopped in Puerto Rico to refuel, officials took him into custody. The captain of the plane calmly explained to the passengers that he had been a “serious security risk” and was banned from the United States. Which we’re confident was very reassuring, much like when a doctor tells you, “Oh, don’t worry. If that condition was going to be fatal, it would have already killed you.”

Man put on ‘no-fly list’ while in air to NYC [MSNBC]