Marty Markowitz Wants an ‘Apple Store to Grow in Brooklyn’


Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz loves him some Brooklyn, but he doesn’t love the borough’s lack of an Apple Store. Who wants to go all the way to Manhattan just to spend $1,500 on an iMac? Not Marty Markowitz. So in order to rectify this problem, Markowitz has made this video, which he hopes will convince Steve Jobs to bring an Apple store to Brooklyn.

Markowitz’s pitch is twofold. There’s the part where he says Brooklyn is the creative and cultural hub of the world with “Mac lovers everywhere — from Williamsburg’s indie musicians and the poets of Fort Greene to the artists and tech start-ups of Dumbo and the more than 30,000 visitors who attend our internationally renowned Brooklyn Book Festival.” Then there’s his better argument: “My God, even Staten Island has an Apple Store!”

Marty Markowitz Uses iPad To Beg For Brooklyn Apple Store [Gothamist]