Melania Trump Is Completely Devoid of Personality, Paper Reports


Have you ever wondered what Melania Trump, the third wife of Donald, is actually like? She must have some kind of personality, right? You don't move to America from Slovenia and have an international modeling career and marry a famous, hugely flamboyant real-estate mogul without having ambition or drive, or, you know, some thoughts. So what is she like? What goes on behind those piercing eyes? The Times' Douglas Quenqua looked into it over lunch at the Trumps' gilded apartment and as it turns out — and keep in mind, this is not an opinion or a "take," the Times is a serious new organization, they just report the facts — the answer is nothing. Absolutely, straight-up nothing.

Indeed, she is not one for self-reflection. Asked if a person ever gets used to living among such opulence, she replied, without irony or humor: “Yeah, you get used to it. Yeah."

So, now you know.

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