Michael Steele Admits to ‘Mistakes’


In a speech in front of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference last night, Michael Steele admitted that he's made "mistakes" during his tenure as the head of the Republican National Committee. He also said that he had learned from these mistakes and warned Republicans that Democrats would try to focus on his gaffes, rather than issues.

"They love nothing more than for us to keep pointing fingers at me and others, instead of their radical un-American agenda and we shouldn’t fall for that trap,” Mr. Steele said. “I’m the first here to admit that I’ve made mistakes, and it’s incumbent on me to take responsibility, shoulder that burden, make the necessary changes and move on."

Steele was warmly received in one of his first public appearances since some members of the RNC started calling for his resignation. Still, that warm reception came from a less-than-half-full ballroom. Most of the attendees had already gone home.

Steele Tells G.O.P.: ‘I’ve Made Mistakes’