It Took Hedge-Fund Manager Eric Rosenfeld Ten Years to Write a Book About One Fart


It’s said that everyone has a book in them. That includes big-time hedge-fund managers, even though they are rarely able to realize their literary aspirations, what with being so busy making money. Tiger Management’s Julian Robertson, for instance, has been working on a novel for 29 years. And Eric Rosenfeld, the president and chief executive officer of Crescendo Partners, had a book inside him that was clamoring to get out for ten years: a children’s book, about letting it out.

But now, at last, the fruits of his long creative process are seeing the light. His masterwork, Mrs. Buttkiss and the Big Surprise, is out and available. And thank God, because the world needed to hear this story.

Mrs. Buttkiss is the charming tale of a big woman with a big secret. She’s been holding in a fart … forever. And she’s terrified of what will happen when she finally lets it out. So what happens when Mrs. B finally lets it out? Will her greatest fears be realized? Or will the outcome be … magical?

What we want to know more than anything is WHAT HAPPENS when Mrs. Buttkiss finally blows! Does the system collapse? Order your copy now to find out.

Mrs. Buttkiss and the Big Surprise [Official site via City AM via Dealbreaker]