Nation Does Not Think Biden’s Outburst Was a Big F—ing Deal


When Joe Biden dropped the F-bomb a few weeks ago, it was more hilarious than insulting. This is, after all, Joe Biden we’re talking about. When he does things like that, you can’t help but shake your head, chuckle, and say something like, “Aw, Joe!” And then maybe buy a commemorative T-shirt. So confirms a Fox News poll showing 57 percent of registered voters did not find the incident offensive, compared to 37 percent — including this nerd — who did. The latter number kind of makes sense, actually: It’s pretty close to the 35 percent who, in a 2006 AP-Ipsos poll, claimed they never, ever use “fuck” or its many versatile derivatives in conversation. Everyone else seems to figure that if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for Biden. Doesn’t mean they’d necessarily use it on live television at a signing ceremony with the president, of course.

Fox News Polls Biden’s “F-Bomb,” Gets Wrong Answer [Plum Line]