New York Is Coming For Your Organs!


New Yorkers are, apparently, a selfish bunch when it comes to their organs. Only about 13 percent are registered to donate their hearts, lungs, eyes, and such upon their deaths, compared with a national average of 37 percent, according to Donate Life America. Hell, a whopping 73 percent of adult Alaskans are registered donors. But a group of doctors, organ-donation advocates, and state legislators is hoping to change that with a new law that would assume, when you get your driver’s license, that you want to become an organ donor (instead of having you actively decide to be one). In essence, they are assuming you’re a better person than the data indicates you are. Of course, you can still decide not to donate, if you think you’re going to use your organs for something in the coffin, or if you’re afraid that doctors won’t try to save you just so they can get their hands on your succulent liver. (The Health Department swears this is a myth.)

New York Group Wants Presumptive Organ Donation Consent [1010 Wins]