New York Is the Eighth Most Bike-Friendly City in America


According to Bicycling magazine, even though taxis wantonly cross over into our bike lanes, religious sects go to war with cyclists, and sometimes even our police officers body slam bikers to the ground, New York is among the best cities for cyclists in the nation. In a list of most bike-friendly cities, the magazine ranked us eighth, based on number of bike lanes and paths, cycling events, and people who regularly commute via bike. The editors called NYC a “rising star” and one of the cities to watch next year, when it could perhaps rival list-toppers Minneapolis; Portland, Oregon; and Boulder. Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, who has been a proponent of adding bike lanes, is probably psyched today. Intel Chris at the moment, however, can’t get the memory out of his head of the final time he commuted to work on his bike, when he hit a flying pigeon on Tenth Avenue with his face. That junk doesn’t happen in Minneapolis.

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