Not Having a Prenup Is a Great Reason to Try to Work Things Out


This week, the 76-year-old, miraculously eight-times-married Larry King filed for divorce from his beautiful wife, Shawn Southwick. Later in the week, we learned that there was no prenup for their 1997 marriage — meaning that Southwick could go for half of his estimated $144 million fortune. Then today came headlines that the couple is attempting to reconcile. “Sources intimately familiar with the situation tell TMZ, Shawn and Larry both say they love each other and both would like to figure out how to work things out, but there’s one little thing standing in the way,” TMZ writes. “Shawn believes Larry is still shtupping her sister.” Still, the pair is meeting with a marriage counselor on Monday. Now, the prospect of losing half of your money seems like a pretty good reason to try to work things out. But presumably Larry already knew he didn’t have a prenup with her. So maybe this is true love? Or maybe Larry talked to CNN and realized the renewal prospects for his multi-million-dollar multi-year contract, which is up in roughly a year, weren’t as promising as he may have thought.

Larry and Shawn - It’s Not Over! [TMZ]