NYPD Uncovers Plot to Shoot Cops From Rooftop


The NYPD has finally discovered something Bloods and Crips can agree on: killing cops. Yesterday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced that a two-year investigation called “Operation Under Siege” had resulted in the arrests of 104 people and the discovery of a plot hatched by a gang of conspiring Bloods and Crips to murder police officers.

Overheard on a wiretap, the plan was for a gang member to position himself on top of a building and shoot police who were harming the gang’s business. The unlikely alliance of Bloods and Crips, based in Far Rockaway and Jamaica, called itself “Flocc” and regularly made $15,000 a week selling drugs and guns. They also posted rap videos on YouTube boasting of their willingness to “spray the Man to protect [their] land.” That’s a great way to get caught.

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