An In-Depth Analysis of President Obama Telling People That He Loves Them Back
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An In-Depth Analysis of President Obama Telling People That He Loves Them Back

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The Crowd Pleaser 'I Love You Back'

This is Obama’s “I love you back” in its most common — but also perfunctory — form, used to elicit cheers or applause from the crowd, often during the rowdy, introductory portion of his rallies.
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The 'I Love You Back' and Point

Sometimes, when Obama really feels the passion, he adds some extra emphasis with a forceful jab of the finger in the general direction of the person he professes to love.
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The Extra Affirmation 'I Love You Back'

Other times, Obama drives home the depth and authenticity of his love by adding a little something after his “I love you back,” such as “I do” or “I truly do" — so you know he means it.
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'I Love You Back' But Hush Up for a Minute, I'm Talking About Something Important

But Obama doesn’t hold rallies solely for the purpose of telling random strangers that he loves them. Every once in a while, he’d rather talk about an important issue, such as the economy, his reasons for supporting a particular candidate or office, or why he loves Oprah.
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The 'I Love You Back,' Crazy Person

There are times when Obama can’t help but laugh at an overly enthusiastic admirer before humoring him or her with an amused, slightly condescending “I love you back.”
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The 'I Love You Too'

On a couple of occasions, Obama, likely dehydrated or suffering from exhaustion, mistakenly says “too” instead of “back.”
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The Polite 'I Love You Back'

When Obama really feels appreciated, he’ll not only return your expression of love, but thank you for it as well, because it made him feel nice, and he really needed a pick-me-up right then.


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