Officials Trying to Keep Serial HIV Infector Locked Up


Nushawn Williams, a man who knowingly infected thirteen women with HIV upstate and in the Bronx, is set to be released from prison today after twelve years of incarceration for rape and reckless endangerment. But fearing that he will continue on his dangerous sex spree upon release, the attorney general’s office has filed paperwork to commit him to a mental institution when he gets out. Nushawn, who is married with four children, admitted in an interview once that he slept with roughly 300 women — though now he tells state psychologists he’s only had 10 or 11 sexual partners. (He was in jail because he pleaded guilty to infecting twelve, it should be noted.) Because Nushawn, 33, was such a problem in jail (barred from infecting women sexually, he began throwing “bodily fluids” at other inmates, as well as conducting himself violently, fighting, and possessing weapons), and because he did not complete any sex-offender or drug-treatment programs, Cuomo is desperate to keep him off the streets. “He is sexually preoccupied with having sex multiple times per day in the community with multiple partners and has deficits in self-regulation,” the AG’s office said in court papers. A jury now has to decide whether to commit him. And if you’re wondering whether this is going to make an episode of Law & Order: SVU, don’t bother: It already did.

State officials push to commit Nushan Williams, who knowingly spread AIDS, to a mental hospital [NYDN]