Sarah Palin Oozes Patriotism in Fox News Hosting Debut


Considering the controversy leading up to it, Sarah Palin’s Fox News program, Real American Stories, was perhaps most notable for its relative lack of controversy. As Times critic Alessandra Stanley put it, Palin “gave a competent, but generic performance, as cheery and bland as any news anchor’s in the mainstream media she deplores.” In a tightly scripted showing, she spent the program primarily by introducing taped stories about inspiring Americans (the taped interview with Toby Keith made the cut, as did one with Jack Welch).

But Sarah being Sarah, she of course squandered no opportunity to convey her indefatigable spirit for all things patriotic and all things American, as captured in this highlight reel of her most America-riffic moments.

The TV Watch: Palin’s Canned ‘American Stories’ [Arts Beat/NYT]