Paris Hilton Back Together With Model Ex?

While facing jail time for violating her DUI probation, Lindsay Lohan might star in a jailhouse drama. Lohan, meanwhile, has no idea why she’s such a “target” for tabloids. Chelsea Handler sent out a homemade sex tape as an audition video to casting agents, though she claims it was a joke. Madonna stopped working out with trainer Tracy Anderson after Anderson started dating the head of her Malawi charity, but at the Bent on Learning charity event on Wednesday night, the two were chatting it up and on good terms. Madonna then dined next to Anderson’s other muscled-up client, Gwyneth Paltrow. Robert De Niro’s wise words to newbie Tribeca Film Festival juror Zach Braff? “Don’t fuck that up.” Meanwhile, an auction bidder paid $8,500 to have a cup of coffee with De Niro.

Music execs were unhappy with Jamie Foxx’s upcoming album, so they delayed its release and put Justin Timberlake on the case. Not many people are buying Kate Gosselin’s book. Despite denying being on drugs to her Hills co-stars, Kristin Cavallari was allegedly seen doing a line of coke. Kate Hudson decided to go braless with her recently enhanced frame. Jessica Simpson chopped off her hair, or rather, her stylist/co-star/BFF Ken Paves did it for her. Paris Hilton is re-dating the guy she was briefly engaged to, Jason Shaw. And Carmen Electra left her ex, Dennis Rodman, off the list to her South Beach birthday bash, and the club’s bouncer refused to let him and his posse of twelve inside.

Martha Stewart and Dennis Basso stopped by Clive Davis and Jane Fonda’s table at the Mark by Jean Georges restaurant. Tinsley Mortimer is tapping British socialite “Lady V” and Topper’s new girlfriend to appear on High Society. Jake Gyllenhaal is looking particularly chisled. J.Lo’s ex is attempting to avoid bankruptcy by pitching a reality show titled I Owe J.Lo. And Betty White is concerned about overexposure.