Park Slope Woman’s Bourgeois Lawsuit Takes a Dark Turn


We giggled a little at the opening paragraph of a story in this morning's Post:

A Park Slope woman is suing Williams-Sonoma for $2 million, claiming one of the high-end homeware company's serving trays broke in her hand, slicing off the end of her left ring finger.

Oh, a Park Slope lawsuit, we said to ourselves. Against Williams-Sonoma. In which the victim is a ring finger! How silly! How bourgeois! How Brooklyn!

Then we read on.

In her Brooklyn federal lawsuit, teacher Laurie Maher-Samra claims there were no warnings against heating the Deruta Simple Small Oval Platter, which she put in her oven to melt the cheese on her nachos.

At this we felt slightly different. Nachos. Not so yuppie-ish, really, maybe. And then! The story got positively Gothic.

Doctors tried to reattach the digit, but her finger became gangrenous and had to be removed, according to her lawyer.

GANGRENE. We thought people stopped getting that after the Revolutionary War! Give this woman her $2 million! And they should maybe give us $2 million, too, because we may never laugh at a lawsuit against a household product again.

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