Penthouse Stripper Suffers ‘Severe Emotional Distress’ After Being Misidentified As a Stripper for Scores


When Nicole Hughes, a former stripper at the Penthouse Executive Club, agreed to pose semi-nude for a photo shoot, she was doing it for the club where she worked, the one named for the world-famous pornographic magazine known for pioneering usage of actual oral, anal, and vaginal penetration shots. She was not aware that her image would be used to advertise Scores, a comparatively wholesome strip club popular with frat boys and nonthreatening B-list celebrities.

And so, as you might imagine, she was outraged. The billboards were everywhere!

Hughes’ affiliation with the Scores name has damaged her integrity as an adult entertainer,” the filing says, and caused her to suffer “severe emotional distress as well as severe financial hardship and disruption to her life.”The suit seeks unspecified money damages for Hughes “mental anguish, emotional distress, humiliation and loss of reputation.”

Soon, people will just be calling her a “dancer.”

Ex-Penthouse stripper: I was defamed by ad that portrays me as Scores stripper [NYP]