Despite Warning From FBI, Port Authority Reportedly Let Zazi Through Checkpoint


It would appear that The Wall Street Journal’s attempting to launch its new “Metro” section with a bang. The paper is reporting that — despite being told by the FBI to stop and search would-be subway bomber Najibullah Zazi’s car as he drove up to the George Washington Bridge last September — Port Authority police instead waved him across, failing to uncover the two pounds of explosives hidden inside his car. Though this detail has been discussed among police and has caused increased tension between the Port Authority (which is tasked with protecting bridges, tunnels, and airports between New York and New Jersey) and the NYPD, according to the Journal, it has not been publicly revealed. The Journal floats one theory from a Port Authority officer that police didn’t have a warrant, so they couldn’t search the vehicle thoroughly as anything seized would have been inadmissible in court.

Police Let Terrorist Slip Through [WSJ]