Post-Summit, China Still Not Fully Aligned on Iran Nuclear Arms Crackdown


At the close of his Nuclear Security Summit, President Obama said while there is solid U.N. support for more stringent sanctions on Iran, he acknowledged that China is not fully onboard with the proposed crackdown on Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program. Though yesterday the White House announced that Chinese president Hu Jintao had agreed to cooperate with the drafting of sanctions, it’s clear China has not made a full commitment, as Hu remains concerned about maintaining China’s supply of Iran-provided oil.

"With respect to sanctions, I think that we have a strong number of countries on the Security Council who believe this is the right thing to do. But I think these negotiations can be difficult," Obama said at the summit's conclusion. "I am going to push as hard as I can to make sure that we get strong sanctions that have consequences for Iran as it's making calculations about its nuclear program, and that those are done on a timely basis."

All 47 nations participating in the summit did agree to lock away “weapons-grade nuclear material within four years” in an effort to keep nuclear arms out of the hands of terrorists.

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