President Obama Is Tickled That Sri Lanka Used to Be Ceylon


You knew President Obama was going to play golf when he was in Asheville, North Carolina, over the weekend, because he apparently does that literally (not literally) all the time. But surely you’re wondering what else went on. Well, the veil of secrecy has been lifted at last. The Obamas played some tennis, ate some locally sourced food (obviously), and toured a historic house called the Biltmore Estate. Golf notwithstanding, this may have been President Obama’s favorite part of the trip, because he is a nerd. Obama “probably spent 10 minutes looking at the globe in the library and talking about all the changes in nations’ names from the 1890s,” says Bill Cecil, the Biltmore Estate’s president and CEO.

Obamas loved our Asheville mountain views, food, Biltmore Estate [Asheville Citizen-Times]