Rahm Emanuel: Being Mayor of Chicago ‘Will Be Something I’ll Do’


Last night, Charlie Rose asked White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel if he really would like to be mayor of Chicago, something Emanuel has denied in the past. This is what Rahmbo said:

“Right now I’m a chief of staff — I’m in the cabinet, president put the chief of staff in the cabinet, but one day I want to run again for office and if I get a — but again I want to repeat because the mayor’s a dear friend of mine, and I support him, I hope he seeks re-election as you know, Charlie, you’ve been out to Chicago, he’s done a fabulous job, and one day I would like to — but if he doesn’t at some point that will be something I’ll do."

Most of us couldn't say that one day being the mayor of the third largest city in the United States "will be something we will do." But then, most of us aren't Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel: Chicago Mayor Someday? [Washington Wire/WSJ]