Report Finds 33 SEC Employees Watched Porn As Economy Fell Apart


Maybe the Goldman suit was an attempt to distract from this. A SEC investigation obtained by CNN shows that as the country was in the midst of one of the worst financial crises of the past century, the attention of a number of SEC employees was on something else entirely: porn. The investigation summary reveals that 33 SEC employees and contractors — half of whom make upwards of $99,000 — viewed images of a pornographic or sexually suggestive nature during work hours on government computers over the past five years.

Perhaps the most amusing aspect all of this is the politicians who want to sound indignant but are hampered by having to use vague euphemisms. Representative Darrell Issa, for example, offered this assessment: “It is nothing short of disturbing … Inexplicably, rather than exercise its existing regulatory enforcement authority, SEC officials were preoccupied … with other distractions.” Yuck.

SEC staffers watched porn as economy crashed [CNN]