Sarah Palin Has Earned $12 Million in Nine Months


Sarah Palin has gone from being a self-proclaimed pit bull wearing lipstick to a fat cat whose earnings would be the envy of many on Wall Street. According to ABC News, since she stepped down as governor of Alaska last July, she’s raked in around $12 million in speaking and appearance fees. And here many of her critics were claiming that leaving office in the middle of her term would ruin her, that she would lose her position of power and destroy her political credibility. With regard to power, that didn’t account for the media attention that swirls around her like a tornado, and which will only be amped up with her regular gig on Fox News and her upcoming expensive reality show on the Learning Channel. And as for her political credibility, well, even Sarah Palin knows that if there’s one thing that can create that out of nothing, it’s money.

Sarah Palin Has Earned an Estimated $12 Million Since July [ABC News]