Senator Carl Levin: Pissed About Being Upstaged by Goldman CEO?


Carl Levin’s enthusiastic pummeling of Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein yesterday — which went on for at least three and a half hours — might have been driven by something more than a desire for justice for the populace, and in fact related to an earlier incident that occurred on the Senate floor. Sayeth our new friend, Getty Images photographer Chip Somodevilla: “Blankfein, who’s a very jovial guy, came in a little bit before the hearing, while Levin was talking, and the press just went bananas. The photographers were all going crazy. And Chairman Levin kind of paused, like to acknowledge that all of the attention had gone to Blankfein. He was kind of bothered, I think. I think it disturbed him that Blankfein was getting so much attention. These politicians, you know, they like to have the camera on them at all times.”