Senator to Fab Fab: ‘How Did It Make You Feel’ to Have All of Your Personal E-mails Released?


So far, the Goldman Sachs hearing is a train wreck. No one on the government side appears to have any idea what they’re talking about, they’re hysterical-seeming and ill-prepared, can’t tell their Timberwolf from their Greywolf, and someone screwed up on collation because no one has any of the right documents. While the disarray has thrown everyone on the committee into an absolute tizzy, the Goldman Sachs executives have remained uniformly calm, and are reacting to all questions with patient implacability. (“Senator, without the document, I cannot answer your question,” Michael Swenson just said now for the 100th time.” I’m just trying to be helpful.”) This, of course, is just driving the senators even more wild. Just now, perhaps in a bid to elicit some kind of emotional reaction, Senator Tom Coburn, the ranking Republican member of the committee, actually prodded Fabrice Tourre to reveal how it made him feel to have his e-mails released. “Personal e-mails, with no relation to this,” he said. ” “How’d it make you feel when they were released publicly?” Fabrice: “As I will repeat again, Dr. Coburn, I regret these e-mails. They reflect very badly on the firm and on myself, and I think you know I wish I hadn’t sent those.” Awkward. Leave Fab alone!

Live Hearing [MSNBC]