Spitzer Compares Himself to Icarus


On the very top of the list of things we would never do if we were ousted from statewide office in a giant prostitution scandal (bear with us) would definitely be sitting down and working with a documentary filmmaker to go over the whole thing. That Eliot Spitzer collaborated with investigative producer Alex Gibney for an untitled documentary is completely beyond our comprehension. That he allowed himself to be filmed in dark shadows, growling out quotes with eyeballs that were lit to look like dark pockets of soullessness — well, that's the icing on the cake. And then there's this quote, about how high he was flying in 2006 when his path to the governor's mansion was almost totally assured, and when he started patronizing the Emperor's Club prostitution ring:

"Were things as good as they could get from a political perspective? I suppose that's right. And the only metaphor I can think of is Icarus. Those whom the gods would destroy, they make all powerful."

That — that's like the salt on the icing on the cake that Magnolia uses so that you are in pure bliss for half a block as you walk away from the shop but by the time you reach West 4th, it's actually silently murdered a very deep, important part of you.

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