Steve Cohen’s Ex-Wife Demands ‘a Substantial, If Not Controlling, Interest’ in SAC Capital


In light of the fact that reviving her twenty-year-old grievance against her ex-husband has gone so well — at least in that it has gotten a lot of media attention, which is like Kryptonite to her notoriously reclusive ex — Patricia Cohen has decided to up the ante. After all, one has only one life, and if in that life one is handed the opportunity to receive a large settlement from a billionaire hedge-fund manager, one should maybe just go ahead and carpe the diem. Why should Patricia settle for just $300 million in damages, when the hedge-fund company her husband started with $25 million in assets soon after their marriage ended has since swelled to be worth many times that? Why not think bigger?

Why not think this:

Patricia Cohen, who divorced Cohen 20 years ago, slapped him with a new lawsuit today, demanding “a substantial, if not controlling, interest” in the Stanford, Conn.–based hedge fund, SAC Capital, according to legal documents reviewed by The Post.

We wonder why she didn’t just go ahead and ask for the whole thing. Guess it just didn’t seem realistic.

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