Top Bronx Detective Accused of Sexual Harassment, Sending Schmaltzy Texts


NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Gabriel, the top detective in the Bronx, is in trouble for trying to win the love of Detective Dawn DelValle-Sanchez with, among other unwelcome advances, Twilight-referencing texts. DelValle-Sanchez has accused Gabriel of sexual harassment for his inappropriate obsession with her cleavage and repeatedly rubbing her neck after she suffered a herniated disc. When DelValle-Sanchez got mad, Gabriel evoked Edward and Bella to set things right:

I ask for ur forgiveness and another chance (Think Bella forgiving Jacob)”

We’re not sure what’s worse, the official trouble he may get in with the NYPD or the fact that the entire force now knows how familiar he is with Twilight.

Bronx NYPD commander is a wolf in cop’s clothes: Detective accuses boss of ‘Twilight’ harassment [NYDN]