This ‘Wilding’ Thing Is Really Catching On


Remember when, over Easter, there was sort of a riot in Times Square, and the police were all, “Oh, the kids always go wilding this time of year.” And you were like, wilding? What is this, 1979? Well, apparently the trend is catching on. According to the Post, “gangs of wilding teens terrorized straphangers this week in a violent spate of daytime robberies and assaults on Manhattan subways — another indicator the city could be sinking back to the bad old days that once gripped the Big Apple with fear.” This streak of robberies and assaults came just after last week’s string, during which 51 felonies occurred in just one week on the subway. It almost makes you wonder: If what we’re really talking about is roving bands of young thugs committing assault and robbery, why are they using a name for it that makes it sound so fun?

Crime Spree Hits Subways [NYP]