Tiki Barber Leaves Pregnant Wife for Hot Young Intern


It must be strange to write about celebrity scandals at the Post: On the one hand, you love it when New York’s famous residents behave badly. It’s your bread and butter! But because you work at the paper of Michael Goodwin and Andrea Peyser, you also have to get outraged by it. So what to do when a gold mine falls in your lap like this one: Former Giants star and current NBC Sports personality Tiki Barber left his wife of eleven years for a sexy co-worker. (Better yet, the co-worker was a 23-year-old intern, and the wife was pregnant with twins!) If you’re a writer for the Post, you’ll dig up everything Barber has ever said about the importance of family and his own father’s infidelity and throw it in his face. “The affair is particularly stunning in light of Barber’s long-standing disdain for his philandering father,” the tabloid writers tut-tut. “During Giants games, Tiki used to blow a kiss to Ginny in the stands every time he scored.” Next time get the columnist you hired, Ashley Dupré, to write about celebrity affairs, guys. As the former prostitute who specialized in sleeping with married famous men, she’ll know how to handle it.

Tiki Barber dumps pregnant wife for hot blonde [NYP]