Vikram Pandit, Wine Waster


Of all the many things that Citigroup employees have done to disgust us — using company jets to take family vacations at the height of the crisis, constructing lavish offices, refusing to lower our interest rate and then telling us that it's because, no shit, of "the economy, and our place in it," this might be the worst:

"Vikram Pandit, the [Citigroup] CEO, was observed with a lunch guest at Le Bernardin, one of the top-rated restaurants in New York. Pandit looked discerningly at the wine list, saw nothing by the glass that appealed, and ordered a $350 bottle so that, as he explained, he could savor "a glass of wine worth drinking." Pandit drank just one glass; his friend had none."

Book Excerpt: Roger Lowenstein's "The End of Wall Street" [Business Week via Reuters]