Walk-Through: Stanhope Stunner on Fifth Avenue

Yes, we know Big and Carrie aren’t real people, but if this 8,300-square-foot full-floor on Fifth Avenue were on the market back when the first movie was being shot, when the couple was apartment-hunting, it probably would’ve made their short list. For starters, it’s in the former Stanhope Hotel, where they got back together and cuckolded hunky Aiden; it’s got enough rooms to house Carrie’s coterie of fashionable and fashionably neurotic friends; and, most important, the master suite has separate his-and-hers bathrooms, one of which has a closet the size of a studio — big enough to fit Carrie’s collection of “how-did-a-columnist-ever-afford-these” shoes. We check it out with Gumley Haft Kleier’s Michele Kleier, who has the listing.