That’s It, We Know Far Too Much About Walter Kirn’s Relationship


We're always up on what's going on in Walter Kirn's romantic life. It's weird, because we don't seek out this information, particularly. We don't know the guy, and we've never read either of his memoirs, we really only read stuff he writes incidentally. And yet somehow we have acquired the information that he was married to Maggie McGuane, that after that at some point he dated a woman called Lola who like to wear halter tops and short denim skirts. And then over Christmas, he told us via the Times that he was dating someone new, whom he met when he was lonely and e-mailing random chicks who seemed like they might be literary groupies on Facebook. So, that felt like a bit of an overshare. Especially the part where he said this:

What might have happened if it hadn't been, I'm still not sure, and I'd rather that she not think about it now that we're living together in the same house. I might have gone on to the next picture. Or not. I'd like to think not, but I honestly can't say. (Meaning that, honestly, I sort of can.)

Like, maybe he shouldn't have told us that. But you know, whatever, we said to ourselves. It's just Walter. He's just like one of those chatty office people, the kind you run into in the bathroom and they're hung-over and tell you a little too much about their weekend. Nothing we haven't done ourselves! But then today, Walter crossed a line.

He suddenly told us far too much. Via "Page Six":

Walter Kirn is kinky. The "Up in the Air" author was interviewed for, the new weekly for the Thompson Hotel Group, and revealed a predilection for fishnet stockings on his girlfriend, magazine writer Amanda Fortini. "Cheap and disposable fishnet stockings in colors other than black," Kirn said. "They have to be disposable because I don't want to worry about tearing them with my teeth, and they have to be colored because I don't want to worry about seeming like every other creepy, obvious, legs-obsessed, middle-aged white guy. Because that's what I am, of course, and Amanda is starting to catch on."

We're so going to have to avoid him in the hallways from now on. Not to mention Amanda.

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