What Do You Think of Alexa Ray Joel’s New Nose?


The pop singer whose mother is legendary model Christie Brinkley and whose father is legendary pop musician Billy Joel has had a tough couple of months. She reportedly attempted suicide using homeopathic sleeping pills after a breakup, and she subsequently decided to devote the next year to fighting “heartbreak-related depression.” But she found time to fix something that’s apparently been bugging her: her nose. “I was thinking about getting this for years,” Joel told People. “I was self-conscious of pictures taken from the side. To some people that’s vain, but at the end of the day, we all want to feel pretty … It’s not ten procedures like Heidi Montag. For me, that’s a little extreme, but to each her own.”

One Nose Job Is Enough Plastic Surgery For Alexa Ray Joel [Style Watch/People]