White House Not Exactly Thrilled About Former Counsel’s New Gig


After it was revealed last night that Greg Craig, President Obama’s former White House counsel, is now representing Goldman Sachs, the White House offered a fairly measured response to the news this afternoon.

“I’m not going to characterize the White House’s feelings on jobs that members of the administration take after they’ve left the administration,” White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters. “We weren’t consulted about the particular position, but that’s not something that we would have a heads-up on necessarily.”

Burton reiterated the president's ethics policy, though, which restricts former White House officials from lobbying for two years after leaving office — conveniently for Craig, who was a top adviser to Obama during his campaign and left after a year — it does not ban former officials from offering guidance to clients with "business or other interactions with the federal government."

White House Responds to Ex-Counsel’s Aid to Goldman Sachs [Caucus/NYT]