Robert Gibbs Seems Kind of Worried About the Nuclear Arms Treaty


President Obama and Russian president Dmitry Medvedev may have signed a momentous nuclear arms reduction treaty in Prague today, but because of a little document called the Constitution, the Senate still needs to ratify it — and not with a majority, or even a supermajority, but with a two-thirds majority of 67 votes. Republican leadership has yet to take a stand on the treaty, and, according to Jake Tapper at ABC News, Democrats believe they’re waiting to gauge the reaction from their conservative base (which we suspect will once again be something along the lines of, “That commie flower-child Muslim will get us all killed!”). White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs certainly sounds a bit concerned, based on the semi-desperate reminder he tweeted earlier today: “DC’s next test - last 3 Senate votes on arms reduction treaties: INF 93-5 (’88), START I 93-6 (’92), & SORT 95-0 (’03) = bipartisan test.” That was a different time, of course. That was before the Senate became, well, you know.

Unclear As Of Now if Senate Will Have Votes to Ratify New Disarmament Treaty [Political Punch/ABC News]