Woman Fights Off Rapist in Hotel in Chelsea


How’s this for scary? A twentysomething woman staying at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in West 24th Street happened to meet a nice off-duty bartender at the bar in the hotel. The couple then headed out to hit another place nearby, and eventually the woman went back to the hotel to go to bed, alone. After she was asleep, the bartender, Manuel Gomez-Rodriguez, managed to finagle a key card to her hotel room from a fellow employee, it seems. He then allegedly broke in, pounced on her, and tried to rape her. She fought him off and managed to shove him out of the room, deadbolting him out and calling the police as he tried to break his way back in. Gomez-Rodriguez was charged with attempted rape, sexual abuse, and burglary.

Chelsea hotel ‘rapist’ [NYP]