93-Year-Old Mobster Busted for Shaking Down Strip Joints


Sonny Franzese used to be a really scary dude. The mobster who served eleven years in prison for bank robbery, and who reportedly got a cut of the film Deep Throat, once was caught on tape explaining how best to destroy the body of someone you've killed (it involved a microwave and a kiddie pool). Now he's 93 and on probation until he's 102 — but that doesn't stop him from pushing people around. From the Post:

When the manager at the Penthouse Executive Club refused to comp Franzese's drink bill, he got a lesson in senior-citizen clout. One of the henchmen threatened to throw him down the stairs, "asking whether he could come up with a way to get rid of the bill before his head hit the ground," prosecutors said in court papers. The same thug threatened to choke a manager at the Hustler club after he refused to let the old man drink for free. "The manager apologized to Franzese and kissed his hand," prosecutors wrote. "The next time he and Franzese visited the club, the manager put them at the best table."

Meanwhile, in other news, the oldest person in the world — 114-year-old Kama Chinen of Japan — died, making French-born Eugenie Blanchard, also 114, now the oldest person in the world. Here's hoping her brand of geriatric fun is just as feisty, but maybe a little less violent.

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