AGAIN With the Babies Rolling Into the Train Tracks, Australia?


For the second time in seven months, an Australian baby in a stroller rolled into the train tracks at the exact moment that a train was pulling into the station, and for the second time, the baby was left relatively unharmed. We are still trying to collect our thoughts on this, but here are our initial reactions, in the form of some sweeping generalizations:

• Australian babies are born invincible, and slowly lose their invincibility as they age. Their only vulnerability appears to be dingos.

• Australians might want to think about renovating their train platforms so that they don’t all slope so dramatically toward the tracks.

• Australian parents (and grandparents, in this case) have some room for improvement as far as monitoring their infant children goes.

• Australian trains are somehow not killing babies that fall directly in front of them. Keep up the good work, trains.

Baby safe after pram falls on tracks [ABC via Yahoo]