America to Have Two Fergies, for Good


Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, is threatening to move out of the United Kingdom for good after a humiliating tabloid sting in which she was filmed accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for setting up a meeting with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. Fergie spends a lot of time here in New York anyway, but according to the Post, the British royal family is terrified to have her out of their sights — and their control. At the moment, she stays for free at Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge, which is not far from Windsor Castle, where the Queen spends her weekends, and apparently the thought of Fergie being further away will send them into “a panic.” We can’t help but think it should do the opposite: Our tabloids are much less aggressive here, nor do they particularly care about royals. Plus, taking money to provide access to famous people is a way of life here in New York!

Fergie soon to be a regal alien [NYP]