Andrew Breitbart Likes the Finer Things, Too


The New Yorker profile of Andrew Breitbart doesn't have a lot of new details about the conservative pugilist, but amid pages and pages of his rants against the Eastern liberal elite, there is this odd little moment:

He was sitting in the bar of the Bowery Hotel, in Manhattan, drinking white wine from a glass that was being refilled by a slim waitress in a black wrap dress. His companions were similarly urbane. One of them was Kurt Loder, the former MTV News anchor, with whom Breitbart found intellectual kinship after discovering that Loder had participated in an event hosted by Reason, the libertarian magazine; later that night, they were going to dinner at Balthazar, the SoHo brasserie. Joining them at the bar was Greg Gutfeld, a former editor of the U.K. edition of Maxim and the host of “Red Eye,” the late-night Fox News show on which Breitbart is a frequent guest.

Only Andrew Breitbart could make drinking white wine at a fancy hotel bar in the East Village with a former MTV veejay and a former lad-mag editor seem like a meeting of the Heritage Foundation.

Rage Machine [NYer]