Andrew Cuomo Chooses Rochester Mayor As Running Mate


Presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Cuomo has selected Rochester mayor Robert Duffy as his lieutenant governor. Duffy serves to balance the ticket not only geographically as an Upstater, but also, you might say, biographically. As a counterweight to Cuomo and his political lineage, Duffy has lived outside of politics for most of his life. Before becoming mayor in 2006, he’d spent his whole career in Rochester’s police force, ascending to chief of police in 1998. In some ways his tenure as mayor has mirrored Mayor Bloomberg’s — he broke records with his campaign spending (obviously not even close to what Bloomberg spent, but still), instituted a 311 system, and is currently involved in an effort to take control of the city’s school system. Duffy has been so popular as mayor that he ran unopposed for a second term last November. We hope that speaks to his talents and effectiveness, because the past few years have shown us how important the position of lieutenant governor can become.

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