One Banker Is Definitely Not Getting an Invite to the White House Anytime Soon


The president is generally pretty even-tempered, but a few things make him angry. Leaks from inside the administration. Fox News. Fools who talk too much. Fool oil companies who screw up their pipelines and ruin the ocean. And those damn fat-cat bankers. One in particular, according to Jonathan Alter’s new book, The Promise.

Obama later told a friend that the angriest he got as president in his first year was when he heard [CEO Lloyd] Blankfein justify his compensation by saying “that Goldman [Sachs] was never in danger of collapse. That was flatly untrue,” Obama said.

We have to hand it to the President, though. Even when he’s furious, the man is good with the one-liners. Bet he never has that thing where he only thinks of a comeback after the fact.

Book review: ‘The Promise’ by Jonathan Alter [LAT via Business Insider]