Another Gay Escort Details Night With Christian-Right Leader


Here they come! Another gay escort has come forward and said that he had a sexual encounter with anti-gay activist and gay escort–employer George Alan Rekers. The new guy is Carl Shepard, whom Gawker describes as “a former stripper, escort and adult actor.” Shepard claims that he and Rekers hooked up in Chicago in 1992 after Rekers, who co-founded the right-wing Family Research Council, responded to an ad Shepard placed in Gay Chicago Magazine.

In Gawker’s interview with Shepard, which reads like a gay Penthouse letter, he says that Rekers summoned him to a hotel room asking for an “intimate massage.” Once in the room, Shepard did exactly that, massaging a nude Rekers but never touching his nethers. “Looking back I think he thought that it wasn’t gay,” Shepard says.

Second Gay Escort Claims Sexual Encounter With George Rekers