NBC News Anchor Purchases ‘Hottie With a Smokin’ Little Body’ Domain Name


If you heard about the Buffalo woman who told President Obama that he was a “hottie with a smokin’ little body” yesterday and immediately realized the iconic qualities of the phrase, you were not alone. Scott Levin, an anchor for NBC affiliate WGRZ in Buffalo and former Upper East Sider, went online during his dinner break last night and bought hottiewithasmokinlittlebody.com, for the sole purpose of reselling it to someone who could turn it into something special. “I certainly have no time whatsoever to do anything with the domain,” he tells us, but it was worth snapping up in case anyone wanted to buy it off of him. “It’s the capitalism that runs in my blood,” he says. So, anyone interested? Just imagine the possibilities! You could fill it with images of President Obama in his bathing suit. There has to be some money in that. And … well, that’s all we can think of.