Arlen Specter Is the Only Person in the World Who Uses the Phrase ‘Smoking Dutch Cleanser’


In an interview on MSNBC earlier this afternoon, embattled senator Arlen Specter told host Andrea Mitchell, “When you talk about [congressman Joe] Sestak being more vigorous, you must be smoking dutch cleanser.” A frantic Google search tells us that “dutch cleanser” is a “pumice-based” household cleanser which, apparently, was smoked for pleasure at some point in American history. Or currently. We don’t know. We do know that Specter has used the phrase before in reference to former attorney general Alberto Gonzales. And besides that, a Nexis search only points us to two other uses of the phrase — both, interestingly enough, by football coaches between fourteen and eighteen years ago.

Specter To Andrea Mitchell: Sestak More Vigorous Than Me? What Are You Smoking? (VIDEO) [TPMDC]